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About CH Living

Campbell & Haliburton Property Management

CH Living is a Regina based property management company that has a strong focus on raising the standards of the local rental market. We take big steps to make our properties a great place to live and call home. Renovations, Preventative Maintenance, Quality Materials, and Communication are top priorities for us. We want your rental experience to be positive and long lasting. Many of our buildings are located in downtown Regina which have magnificent views of our beautiful city. The “CH” in CH Living is synonymous with Campbell & Haliburton. Established in 1957, the company has been a landmark to the Regina cathedral community for insurance and real estate. Have a look through or site, we hope you find a place to call home!

We Are a Trusted Regina Property Management Company

Being nominated to be a part of means a lot to us! For our tenants, being TRUSTED is everything! We are featured on the Trusted Regina directory and are part of a trustworthy community of local owned Regina businesses run with integrity. In addition to being checked and verified as a Trusted Regina Property Management Company we are also contracted to uphold the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES by a local third party.  
CH Living Trusted Regina Property Management
CH Living has taken out an insurance policy to cover your rental apartment, its common areas and its yard. But you still need your own tenant insurance. Tenant insurance covers your belongings, and covers your legal responsibility if someone is injured in your home or you cause damage to another person or their property.


THE CH Living Team

John Grant
  • President
Cindy Kim
  • Office Manager
Bogdan Iles
  • Property Construction Manager
Quinn Huber
  • General Manager
Jesse Tarr
  • Sales/Office Assistant
Dennis Rainville
  • Lorne Street Building Manager
Gale and Dean Ohochinsky
  • Broad Street Building Managers
Andreea Lupu
  • Accountant
Gurpreet Kaur
  • Community Manager
Pat Leduchowski
  • Willowcrest and Park Plaza Building Manager
Svetlana Mangir
  • Casabella and The Chalet Building Manager
Madelaine Graff
  • Admin/Marketing Assistant
Serhii Naumenko
  • East End Site Manager
Conrad Turgeon
  • Smith Street Site Manager